Question What gigabit switch ?


Feb 15, 2013
Hi all. I just got BT super fast fibre and I need a fast switch (plug and play) for gaming and streaming 4K. I have about £60 max. What would be best as I’m getting confused. Thanks for any help
How many ports.

There is not much difference between switches. Almost all pass data at what is called wire speed. All ports can run 1gb up and 1gb down all at the same time. So a 8 port switch can pass 16gbit of traffic....not that there is a realistic way to actually use all that.

A 8 port switch will cost you about $20.
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So I'd go find an 8-port locally from any brand name--netgear, linksys, tplink, dlink, etc--it should be the same price as online. Check for lifetime warranties too as I believe dlink and tplink do have lifetime warranties on certain models.
Technically you would want 9 or more ports on a switch for 8 devices. Remember the uplink to the router.
IF you have devices with a lot of LAN traffic, like a NAS and a media player, then you want them both on the same switch. You don't want the NAS connected to the router and the uplink port on the switch to have the NAS local traffic and the internet traffic for all the other devices.
Having ALL your wired connections on one switch eliminates that. The uplink port can still have WIFI to LAN traffic as well as internet on it, but the bandwidth of WIFI is much less likely to max out the gigabit uplink.
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