Question What GPU to choose

Jan 4, 2020
So... I am building a new PC and I was wondering if I should go for the more budget friendly option of the RX 5700xt, or if I should just go all in and get the RTX 2070S (I am Limited by a budget) Or should I go used and get a 1080ti?
I want to play video games at 1440p and maybe some 4K too, planning on pairing it with a ryzen 7 3700x


If you are limited by budget, just get the 3600 or 3600X, slap a 30-50USD cooler(some people may find the stock cooler noisy) on top of it, and that should give you more headroom for a 2070 Super.
What does the 3700X offer you that the 3600/X can't do?

Or should I go used and get a 1080ti?
If you can find one for under 380USD, and the seller has a good reputation. More than that would be ridiculous. The card's almost 3 years old, and shouldn't be selling for as much as - or more than, the MSRPs of the 2070 Super, nor the RX 5700XT, 2 gpus of which the 1080Ti tends to trade blows with.

Oh, now this is funny. I'm checking Pcpartpicker, and it has currently listed the 4 worst aftermarket RX 5700XTs below 400USD! XD
They all got slammed for terrible cooler designs, so do yourself a favor and avoid those if you're still interested in this gpu.

I want to play video games at 1440p and maybe some 4K too
4K is a whole other ballpark, that I'd recommend a 2080 Super or 2080Ti so that you're not having to drop graphics settings too early in - not that 4K doesn't already look pretty...
I'm just letting you know, if you like high refresh rates, the 2080Ti can't even do it at 4K until low settings.


Aug 20, 2015
I wouldn't take the 1080Ti. It used to be a great card but it seems as it doesn't perform that great in newer games that use DX12 or Vulkan, with no DX11 options (see RDR2 benchmark were the 1080ti dropped in the midfield). The Nvidia Turing cards and the AMD Navi cards perform much better with those newer APIs. So I would pass on the older Pascal cards. I think we will see DX12 and Vulkan much more in the future.

Besides that...go with the best you can get for your money. When cards have the similar performance with in 5-10% for similar cost, I would go with the Nvidia RTX version since you get the RT features. Not a must have, but a nice to have.