Question What GPU?

Dec 10, 2019
Hello everyone i am building a new pc and i of course need a GPU...
i have been looking at these 2
they all seem very good, but i'm unsure what to pick. asus beats then all in pixel rate etc, but not in cooling.
this will only be used for gaming purely.

here is the asus vs the gigabyte
why does the asus beat the gigabyte?
why does the gigabyte beat the asus?

here the asus vs the evga:
why does the asus beat the evga?
why does the evga beat the asus?

here is the evga vs the gigabyte:
why is the evga better than the gigabyte?
why is the gigabyte better than the evga?

all of them i get get for the same price new, so don't include that.
this is all about performance and what GPU is overall best.
remember that the EVGA is NOT overclocked like the Gigabyte and the Asus is.
please ask questions and give advice!
i really hope you can help me.
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Not sure what you are using for comparison, but basically useless information. In one case, just wrong. They will all have the same support for various technologies. Probably just a typo in their database.

These days a lot of the 'neat' features are software oriented, so if you have an ASUS or Gigabyte motherboard, go with a matching card. One less application to install to control lighting features.

Best to find actual reviews of the cards from a temperature/noise perspective. That will tell you which has the better cooler.

Overclocked or not doesn't matter all that much. GPU Boost will take care of evening them out. Each GPU is slightly unique, higher end cards do tend to get more attention paid to finding decent ones, but on average, when you overclock, they will all be within very similar performance.

EVGA FTW3 is probably the most superior card here. One step down from their highest class of cards (Kingpin), also has a lot of extra temperature sensors if you like that sort of thing. EVGA Precision over MSI Afterburner to get the most out of it.

Strix is ASUS's 'mid-range'? Not really, they kind of merged things together. With ROG and STRIX basically combined. Top end cooler, Strix cards likely to have custom PCBs rather than reference.

Aorus is still fairly new. Haven't heard anything bad though. I imagine mostly reference boards.