What graphics card are you gonna buy?

What graphics card?

  • ATI Radeon HD5870

    Votes: 7 11.7%
  • ATI Radeon HD5850

    Votes: 11 18.3%
  • Wait for the ATI Radeon HD5870X2

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • CrossFire two ATI Radeon HD5870's

    Votes: 1 1.7%
  • Wait and see what NVIDIA will have

    Votes: 11 18.3%
  • Buy a 4870X2 or GTX295 cuz they're going down in price

    Votes: 3 5.0%
  • Wait for the ATI Radeon HD5870 2GB

    Votes: 2 3.3%
  • I have yet to find a game that can max out my ATI Rage II

    Votes: 1 1.7%
  • Sticking with the last generation of cards, they work fine

    Votes: 20 33.3%
  • What is a graphics card?

    Votes: 4 6.7%

  • Total voters
I'm sticking with my current systems.... GTX260 single and SLI. I haven't seen anything to bring it to it's knees for one. Secondly, the 5850 is does give major upgrades to some of my games but what I look at is minimum FPS which is where your games are going to suffer. Nothing great here. And as much as I'd like to get a 5850 or............ 5870, I can't see paying $380 for a card at all. Perhaps I've been spoiled by the low priced performers, which I doubt we'll see any time again soon, but if you're running "yesterdays" higher end stuff upgrading this time next year MIGHT be an option.
I'm also in no hurry to upgrade to Windows7 or DX11. Not needed and not fully taken advantage of yet. And let's face it, how many of the handful of DX11 games that will "soon" be released are any of us going to play because we don't like them ?
And how's about this. It'll be here before we know it. Vista's just getting interesting anf we have Windows7, now we're being enticed by Windows8....DX12

Windows 8:

"AN EMPLOYEE has accidentally leaked details of Microsoft’s next operating system via his Linkedin profile.
Robert Morgan, a senior member of the Microsoft Research team for the last seven years, posted the details on his profile at Linkedin, a popular social networking site for business professionals.
He describes himself as: “Working in high security department for research and development involving strategic planning for medium and long-term projects. Research & Development projects including 128bit architecture compatibility with the Windows 8 kernel and Windows 9 project plan.”
If correct the new operating system will be a major jump for Microsoft, which is producing a 32bit version of Windows 7 as well as a 64bit one. The jump to 128bit suggests Microsoft is banking on machines using much faster processors and a buoyant hardware refresh cycle.
Steve Ballmer has confirmed that the company is working on a client operating system to follow Windows 7 but details were not released. The earliest expected date would be 2012 he said.
Also revealing is the planning of Windows 9, something no-one at Microsoft has confirmed before."
I have always felt that before XMas is not the time for a new GFX card.

For another version of your poll:


ATI's new DX11 range of cards - impressed - Absolutely - I already have one! - 11.45% - 879 Votes

Yes I will buy one shortly - 31.14% - 2390 Votes

I am not quite sold yet - maybe when DX11 games hit - 16.96% - 1302 Votes

Not impressed - 6.63% - 509 Votes

Don't have the green man ! im broke - 1.33% - 102 Votes

I am waiting on Nvidia's releases - 32.48% - 2493 Votes

Total Votes: 7675

Read more: http://www.driverheaven.net/#ixzz0TecoOl3B

A lotta people PO'd on the other side who thought the 58xx release was going to drop nVidia's prices. Guess nVidia's not feeling the pinch yet perhaps cause the supply on the 58xx's is still a bit short.


Aug 16, 2009
I'll buy an ATI card like a Radeon 4670 for my brothers computer so we can play coop because it's cheap and it'll get the job done. But when I want top notch quality I'll choose Nvidia over ATI anyday. So yeah, I think I'll wait and see what Nvidia has. Maybe they'll come out with an amazing DX11 card that will dominate the market... or not.


Oct 5, 2007
It's gonna be really hard not to buy a 5850 or a 5870 during the holiday season I think for me, even though I just got my 4890 three weeks ago. Who knows, if NVidia finally releases it's new lineup and they are truly competitive I may end up with one of their cards!


May 5, 2009
I already got my 3 HD5870’s and now I am waiting for my next upgrade 3 GTX380’s. :D

My 3 HD5870’s in action…

Here is all my HD5870’s but I decide to keep only the 3 HD5870’s because of some driver bugs and small performance gains. I find that 3 HD5870’s are perfect.

I hope everyone here claiming they dont need more dont change their minds later on, or saying that 380$ is too much, cause things like that come back to bite ya on the rear, as new cards are always being released, and so too new games.
Current games, if modded, will bring down alot of the cards mentioned here, but, if youre not into modding, it wont matter I guess, but it is a nice option.
Alot of people have already bought their 5xxx series cards, with more to come, since theres really nothing else new out now, and once the 57xx cards come, therell even be more choices made.
Therell be 3 very soon, and yes, there is BF also, so....and as for old games? You can use higher settings.
I hear that crap all the time "theres no games out yet", but if the G300 came out tommorrow, would it matter then? Answer that first, then we'll talk


when gt 300 appear price will drop significiantly for ati 5000 series...so better wait till than


Dec 6, 2007
I'm very pleased that the 58xxs are doing well sales wise and performance wise for AMD/ATI. I have two 4870 cards that do very well for me. The partictular situation determines if two 4870s or a 4870x2 provide more performance. From what I have seen in the reviews one 5870 and a 4870x2 are very close in benchmarks. So, as I say for the moment I'm good to go.


Oct 8, 2009

Yeah me too! There's nothing out at the moment that really stresses my 260. It might be a different story when Modern warfare 2 gets released though. So I might get myself a 5870 or wait untill Nvidia pulls their finger out and releases something new!