What graphics card for eyefinity???


Jul 3, 2010
Hi i am starting a computer build and was wondering if i get a hd 5870 will i be able to use it for eyefinity? i will be looking at getting another one in crossfire down the track is this a good idea? i want a 5970 but will have to wait months longer to be able to get one. i will wait if 5870 either single or crossfire wont be able to display eyefinity on maxish settings i play mw2..... the only reason i want 5870 is so i can get my computer up and running alot faster and then upgrade to crossfire to really exploit the 3 monitors


This is the closest that I could find.


For Battlefield:BC2 a single 5870 at 5760x1200 isn't that good. Effects and HBAO weren't highest or on, nor was AA possible. These are some big screens however, if you use three 1680x1050 screens things should be a bit better. Notice also that the 5870CF setup was better. There effects were set at high, and you gained 4AA. One last thing to keep in mind is that this is a newer game, and older game like MW2 should run better/faster. Assuming your going for 1680x1050 panels I'd start with one 5870. But don't be surprised if you need another to max things out.


Jul 4, 2009
Hey there,

As mentioned, a 4xxx series card doesn't support Eyefinity.

I would go for 1920x1080/1920x1200 res monitors. You will have to turn down settings (AA/AF/Post processing) or use Directx9 in some titles to get them running.

A 5870 now and one later would be fine. A 2Gb version would be better for things such as AA, but it comes at a cost.

To run Crysis in Eyefinity, I believe you have to run it in DX9 with settings turned down (correct if I'm wrong).

Remember, get a good CPU/PSU/Cooling to avoid bottlenecks/issues.

If you were to go the 5970 option, use 1 card.

At the moment, trifire/quadfire+Eyefinity performance is WOEFUL.

Good luck.