What Graphics card should I get


Jul 31, 2011
Hi I am new to computers and have recently just built my 1st Rig and I am now looking to install a Graphics Card for gaming. It is to be used mainly for strategy games such as Company of Heroes, C&C ect so I know i dont need anything high end. Could someone recomend a Graphics card to me or help me understand what I am looking for.

I have the following components

Intel Core i5-2500K 3.30GHz (Sandybridge) Socket LGA1155 Processor
Gigabyte H61M-S2V Intel H61 (Socket 1155) DDR3 Motherboard
OCZ Platinum 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-10666C7 1333MHz Dual Channel Kit

Many thanx in advance for the feedback


Aug 27, 2011
well your system is too much faster if you want to make it more faster go for nvidia geforce gtx 560 with this card you gain higher fps not only in strategy also in other games.

Why such an old card ?
Btw Company of Heroes full settings you will need a high end GPU. I have an 560 and i can't use AA and stuff at high res. with this game. Go for at least 560 TI or 6870, or even better 6950.


Jul 31, 2011
Thankyou to everyone for the input, got a better idea of what to look for now. All i need to do now is justify a £120 Graphics card to the wife.


Apr 2, 2007

You can't max it out on a 560? I maxed it out with room to spare on an 8800 Ultra.

I was just trying to save the guy some money; I figured a card equal to an 8800 GT would be a good start.

Maybe a good advice but when i buy something new i wanne have something better than before, but he might be satisfied with an equel card, thats true. Good to mention the possibilty anyway.
I can play CoH at 1920x1080 at ultra settings, BUT as soon as i put AA on, even low level, it will stutter pretty bad when "scrolling" over the map. ( is there an official English word for that, i always say scrolling but not everybody seem to understand what i mean by that )
Even with even older games like age of empires III i have to switch of vsync. Weird, i know, anyway thats my problem and this isn't my thread so i better leave it there.

@ johnboy ; Good luck with the wife . . . ( maybe promise a week long footmassage ? )

One trick is if she has her own tower is to say that you want to upgrade hers so
it will run better for HER and you will give her the great video card you have (any decent PCIe you have laying around)
and then you can justify upgrading your video card
or if you know what day the credit card bill or bank statement come in
make sure that you have roses chocolates and a reservation at a decent restaurant
plus jewelry never hurts also
try to time it with her birthday,anniversary etc if possible

if all else fails then open a credit card with a post office box as mailing address
and then cancel card after your purchases are made
and burn the statements
(dont really recommend this option)

:lol: Bad boyz, bad boyz, what you gonne do, what gonne do when . . . . :lol:
I have never done it!
Thought about it though
Would just worry that the old lady would find out
and think I was using it for hotels and hookers
when all I want is a new quadcore AMD build

(plus not alot of hookers take credit card)

1) recommend a GTX560 or GTX560Ti
2) the PSU should be at least 600Watts and capable of delivering at least 1.25x the AMPS that the graphics card requires. (for example, I'd get at least 48Amps for a PSU with a GTX570 which requres at least 38Amps)
3) NCIX is a great online store.