What gtx 1060 6 gb to grab?


At this point, the cheapest priced 6GB 1060 is likely the "best" from a value proposition.... although a dual fan design would probably justify a few extra $.

The MSRP on a 6GB 1060 was $250... there's now and added $25 or so in raw materials (memory), so the "new' MSRP should probably be viewed in the $270-$280 range.

I can't find any available for quite that low, but the Zotac AMP! (dual fan) is only $2 more than the cheapest 1060 in the US.

That would be my pick



Ah, you'd linked the US PCPartPicker, so I assumed.

Lithuania is tough, as a completely different market.... but same (general) rules apply.

MSRP was ~$250 USD / 265EUR (today).... add another $25 or so to the MSRP in raw material cost (say $275 / 316EUR).... so anything in that general ballpark would be 'fair'.

The cheapest on that site is 310, but a single fan design..... with the G1 from Gigabyte (a dual fan solution) going for 320EUR.... that would be my pick on that site.

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May 18, 2015
Thank you for help man. What do you think about 4 cards I posted first? I have msi mobo, and somewhere heard that same brand parts runs better, or it's just myth? What be your pick afterburner or armor edition? Also I read good rewiews about evga sc gaming, it's tiny and will be good for any size of system, but it's only one fan. Very impressed with inno 3d 3 fans version? Also what be your pick up to 350 eur?


The 4 cards you posted initially are.... fine?

The MSI board + MSI card performing better is a complete myth. The vendor does not matter (from a performance standpoint, clock for clock). The vendor as the only variable will only matter in terms of warranty/support.

I don't know what the "afterburner" edition is of anything.... the Armor card is a solid enough card. Nothing spectacular... but at least it's a dual-fan design.

The SC is a very nice card... for what it is. But if you have room for a longer card, there's really no benefit to it (although one of EVGAs single-fan cards is clocked higher than average.....IIRC it's the SC Gaming).

Given the 10 series cards boost/restrict clocks directly related to temperature increments, opting for the better cooling solution (when you have the space to accommodate) makes the most sense IMO.

I don't see any need to spend 350EUR in all honesty. The 320EUR card is more than sufficient, and should OC to rival even the fastest clocked 1060's from the factory.

Inno3D, I have no direct experience with. Their cards do appear to be a solid value proposition for what they are ..... but it'll depend on the price.
I see them all priced higher (20EUR or so, minimum) than the Gigabyte card I linked....... same deal as above, I don't see any justification for the increased price.