So I read some threads about the ASUS GTX 670 Directcu ii TOP was unstable. I thought of getting it because it comes at factory-overclock at 1137 MHz, which is a whole lot! Stock is at 915 MHz.

So I'm a little unsure of what GTX 670 to pick.

I'd like your personal experience with either brands of the GTX 670, thanks in advance! :)

The waiting game is not a game I wanna play.

You don't know when the 700 series will launch, it took over an year that the 600 series got released after the 500 series. The 700 series, doesn't feature a new architecture, so just a new kepler 770 with higher specs, nothing major. Like going from sandybridge to ivybridge I believe.

Limited to a laptop just for one night makes me see how much I need a decent gaming desktop.

I like EVGA too, but I'm not really limited to a case with bad airflow. So getting a reference cooling solution seems a little stupid, because it's meant for a case where the airflow isn't the best. :)