What happen if i format my hard disk external


Mar 5, 2012
Hello, what happen if i format my hard disk eksternal?
with simple format, which is right click on the hard disk, then format
it's toshiba canvio 1 TB, plug and play
Some of the external drives come preloaded with software and drivers so you might want to save those and then you can format the drive and it will not erase your files but it will make it so you can write over them. The files that are on there will be there untill you write over them or use a eraser program to totally get rid of them , but a format makes them not be seen by the OS so it thinks it's available space to write files so it uses that space and overwrites the old files and then those old files are gone once you write over them.
The above are correct. However, if you have already formatted the drive and lost your files, and want them back, let us know. There are packages to do this, as long as you haven't been writing to the drive since then, and did not do a full format.

I'm not sure whether or not that is your issue.

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