What happened to 570 chipset?


Aug 7, 2006
Hi All,

I need to replace my ASUS M2Ne motherboard which is no longer available. It had an Nvidia 570 ultra chipset on it but the new boards that ASUS and gigabyte are bringing out have gone back to the series 4 chipsets and i am wondering why?

Was there a problem with the 570 chipsets?

I am looking a the MSI KN9 Platinum board which still has the 570 chipset but have always gone with ASUS or Gigabyte so not sure of MSI's relaibility.

But I am more concerned that two of the biggest manufactureres of motherboards - ASUS and Gigabyte have rolled back the chipset??

Do they know something MSI doesnt?

Please help shed some light on this as I am considering if I should get the MSI or get the ASUS with 4 series chipset. Bear in mind I dont want to overclock or SLI and I only want a reliable motherboard and keeping the PC stock standard so not worried if the MSI doesnt overclock too well



Dec 31, 2007
Ummm... you can still buy an M2N-E board on Newegg...


In fact, they still have 9 570 based motherboards for sale... I just built a KN9 Premium and the only problem I see with this chipset is it runs hot if you have a passive heatsink, so I put an additional fan on my K9N to keep it cool. I think the heat issue is sort of common on nVidia chipsets in general.

Some of the 570 boards are SLI and it wasn't a very good configuration for that since the second PCI-e slot was handicapped on bandwidth. Most vendors are now using the more recent nVidia chipsets that fix that problem.