[SOLVED] What happened to my hard drive?


Apr 3, 2018
Hi guys! I’ve been at it for hours and can’t seem to find out what is going on... just did a case swap and my western digital black hard drive is gone. My motherboard is only detecting my m.2 and ssd. I even tried using a brand new hard drive and still nothing. I have tried all 6 different sata ports, different sata cables, two different drives, cmos clear, bios update, bios reset. Nothing but my ssd are being found on the boot list. Power supply cables switched too and still nothing.

Corsair X570
-Asus Hero X ROG Ac WiFi Motherboard
-Asus 2080ti
-2tb 960 Evo
- 1tb 860 Samsung Ssd
-2tb western digital black
-32gb 3200 c14 Corsair ram

Swapped into Lian Li Dynamic Pc-011 XL
-tested with a sea gate 4tb hard drive.

Help please! Just want my hard drives to show up since I got stuff on there that I need and I don’t have any other computers to test it out. My western digital Blsck was working completely fine before I swapped into this case three days ago. Thank you!