[SOLVED] What happens if you install RAM modules upside-down when reballing?

Dec 12, 2018
Before anyone comes, telling me "only professionals should reball" or "why are you reballing anyways?", rest assured nothing has happened. This is a mere question from the curious side of my mind.

So anyways, what would happen if you put a RAM module upside-down when reballing?


I assume you mean after plugging it into a device and powering it up?

No idea. You would need to consult the standards from JEDEC and get the pinouts/layouts for everything and the corresponding BGA pinouts for the modules. Then see if anything terrible like a direct short to ground would happen or not.

Considering how low voltage RAM is these days, I doubt it would fail catastrophically. Just not work. A dead short should trip something before it gets too hot to explode or anything. Maybe a tiny surface mount capacitor might pop.


Reballing, as in the socket came off and was re-soldered (uses balls of solder not pins). Gotta heat everything all at the same time.

If it's not been powered up with ram present, then nothing will happen. If it has, expect the ram to be toast (unless you get lucky) as you'll almost certainly put power in backwards. Whether that goes all the way back through to the mc in the cpu is the question.

You'll have to reball the reball, right way up this time, and hope for the best.

Professionals aren't born, they are made. So by all accounts they started out as noobs and amateurs. Anybody can reball, it's not difficult at all, the machine does all the work. The difference between an amateur and a pro is nothing more than the success rate. Amateurs get lucky every now and then, pros fail every now and then.
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