What happens to GPU after new series release?

I'm currently on a 670 and not sure if I'm going to move to the 700 series when it hits, or perhaps sell and go 690. I've not been into PC gaming that long so I don't really know what happens. Do prices of the older cards hit rock bottom immidiately (talking used prices)? Or does it take a while for for availability of the new cards to catch up and people to realise they're out before the older cards take a hit on price?

Just wondering because I was looking through Ebay and quite often seeing current gen cards selling for near new prices.



May 3, 2012
From what I am seeing this gen, the new series is actually better priced than the last series. So I think the prices will be equal, maybe a little lower, on a price per performance level. Honestly, I think the only upgrade you should do is sli another 670, maybe. But I think I would wait for the 9000/800 series.

A Bad Day

Nov 25, 2011
The pricing of older generation GPUs vary. Sometimes they aren't worth buying, other times (usually the ones around low-mid range) they offer better performance-per-price.

The 670 should last for at least one or two generations before needing an upgrade.

However, with the upcoming new consoles, there might be a burst of games with higher system requirements than usual.