what i believe to be ethernet drive confliction


Feb 18, 2013
to make a long story short my 7990 crapped out on me today and i only had an ancient gts 250 to replace it with. after wiping the amd drivers and installing nividias, the system couldnt find the physical cable that was plugged into the Ethernet port. heres why i think its driver issues- if i uninstall the device in the device manager and restart, it can use the internet just fine albiet at very low resolution. if it is drivers and i cant find a solution then i might cancel my 770 order because they use the same driver. im looking for anyone who might have a solution to this conundrum. any help is appreciated :D
Check that your running the newest bios on your mb. If you update the bios and still have the issue try clearing the CMOS and set the mb to factory default. Sounds like the gpu and network chipset trying to use the same Irq r memory range. Try updating intel chipset and network drivers and try turning off com port or printer port to free up and Irq. Also check that the mb pci slot Irq set to auto. I would also try turning off the network chipset and then install the gpu then see if it works.