Question What is 2560*1440???

May 16, 2019
Alright so its probably a dumb question but i get mixed answer when i attempt to do a little research. Is 2560*1440p basically 1.5K or is it 2K? Thanks in advance.
Just adding to what WildCard has already stated, 1440p does not equal 2K, I a way, they are both 2 different terms.

2K or 4K is a category of resolution, whereas the 2560x1440 is the resolution itself. and 2K in a sense means roughly that it has at least 2000 pixels horizontally.

So 2K can actually include:
2560 x 1440
2048 x 1080

This is also why sometimes you'll see people refer to 2560 x 1440 as 2.5K because it as 2.5K horizontal pixels.
It is a 2.5K resolution. Some people call it "2K" because when 4K displays first came out, some people thought the "4K" meant "4 times 1080p", so they started calling 2560×1440 "2K" because it's around 2 times 1080p. Unfortunately they didn't realize 4K resolution was called "4K" because that's the width in pixels, the fact that it's 4 times 1080p is just a coincidence.