Question What is a founders edition exactly?

- sam -

Feb 22, 2014
I did some research and what I know is a founders edition is the first GPU which is made, so no lights and extra fans etc. If I was to secure a founders edition 3070 what should I expect exactly. Would it be something I should use myself for heavy gaming or would it be something I should sell?
My 980ti died last week and I put together a new PC at the worst possible time ever due to GPU stock. I think I managed to secure a 3070 founders edition, how good is this GPU exactly?

the "founders edition" is the branding NVIDIA gives their own model.
so like "MSI 3070 Gaming X Trio" Nvidia calls the 3070 they're selling to the public "Nvidia 3070 Founder's Edition"
it works just fine like any other 3070.


More or less correct. Founder's Edition GPUs are also more carefully binned so they are a more consistent offering power wise. Which is important to OEMs that buy them in bulk.

The RTX 30 series founder's editions have somewhat unique coolers this time around, with a heavy emphasis on a blow-through second fan. PCB has a large triangular cutout at the rear to allow airflow. Other manufacturer's implemented this when possible with slits and cut outs in the PCB, but nothing quite as drastic as Nvidia.

Far as I know, Founder's Edition cards are only available through Best Buy in the US.

Previous founder's edition releases were early access, and $100 more expensive than MSRP. On the 20 series I believe the founder's cards came with superior binned GPUs.

There are also still Nvidia reference designs floating around. Some of the computer OEMs have them like Dell. Blower style cooled cards are typically also reference design.