Question What is a good 360 VR Build?

Feb 20, 2019
I am new to the VR world and I need to build a PC for a 360 VR animation project coming to a museum.

My build now is as follows:
MOBO: B350 tomahawk
CPU: Ryzen 5 1600
RAM: 32 Gb Corsair LPX vengance 3200 mhz (4x 8Gb)
GPU: 4gb GTX 1050 ti
STORAGE: 2 x Samsung 960 Evo m.2 nvme (250gb) and Seagate Barracuda 3 Tb
PSU: Be Quiet 600W

A friend in the business says that it would be necessary to go with 2 x powerful GPU since some or many VR making devices have a double GPU requirement.

Originally I was planning on upgrading the MOBO to Asus Prime X470- Pro, GPU to 2x RTX 2080, add 1 Samsung Evo 970 1tb for storage/disk cache/media, and PSU to Corsair AX860 (860W). Now I'm starting to think its not enough to keep everything running smoothly, and the museum is willing to put some money into the build so that we don't run into rendering problems due to lack of power at the end. They are a museum so a hardcore quadro build ($6000-$10,000+) is out of the question.

My question is, what kind of build would be a minimum requirement to make sure that everything will run SMOOTHLY all the way to the end?

  • Is the Ryzen 5 1600 powerful enough for VR work or should I upgrade?
  • If so, should I keep with Ryzen and go towards the threadripper side, or change to Intel and go for something like the 9900k?
  • What Mobo chipset should I go with if CPU will change?
  • Will 32Gb RAM be sufficient? If not then is 48Gb reasonable, or does it need 64Gb or up?
-Will two RTX 2080's be enough, and is there a big difference between brands (other than price). I've read the 11gb ti's have cooling problems more so than the 8gb non ti's.
- Anything else related to VR that I don't know how to ask?

This PC will be purely a workstation build so I am not interested in any gaming tweaks. All components, chipsets etc. should lean towards pro workstation in mind.

Thank's in advance!
Feb 20, 2019
I found a helpful thread here in Tomshardware that I have now tweaked a little. I will keep what I can from my previous build. This is what I've come up with.

MOBO: ASRock x399 Taichi
CPU: Ryzen Threadripper 1950X
RAM: Corsair LPX vengance 3200mhz 4x 8gb (32Gb)
STORAGE: 2 x samsung evo 960 250gb + samsung evo 970 1tb
GPU: ?

For the GPU I am thinking either 2 x RTX 2080 in SLI @ pcie 3.0 x 16 - OR - 3 x RTX 2070 3-way SLI @ pcie 3.0 x 8. Can anyone help in telling which is better for VR work: 16gb working at x16 or 24 Gb working at x8?

Thank you!