Question What is a good upgrade path for Ryzen 2600 + RX 570

Apr 2, 2021
Hello! I'm very new to upgrading PC's. I built a budget rig (~$900) back in early 2020 and i'm now looking to upgrade for faster 3D rendering and editing with Adobe Suite .
What is a good upgrade path for my Ryzen 2600 + RX 570 system?

Here are my pc specs:
Ryzen 5 2600
ASRock Phantom Gaming RX 570
ASRock B450M Steel Legend Mobo
Team T-Force Vulcan Z 16GB @3000 Mhz (running at 2933 Mhz)
Thermaltake Bronze 550W PSU

500GB Crucial P1 M.2 NVME
2TB WD Caviar Blue HDDS
1TB Seagate SSD

I primarily use BIM softwares for architectural modelling and construction drawings. I do some light editing with Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, After Effects and InDesign.
I also desire faster Lumion & Enscape render speeds.
So far I haven't had a problem with anything, but I thought it might be good to upgrade since these parts are dated and there might be some new stuff coming out?
Not much of a gamer.

What upgrades would you recommend (regardless of current availability/price)?

Any advice would be appreciated!
:) xoxo


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

For the way things are in this world, right now, you should save the money and not invest on upgrades. In fact the system you've spec'd out are stellar :) People are having a tough time buying things, in spite of having money due to lack of availability.

You could start with replacing the PSU. Thermaltake's aren't meant to be anywhere near a computer and they don't know how to make PSU's. Look for Seasonic PSU's.

If I was to recommend anything without factoring in prices and availability, I'd suggest picking up a pair of RTX3090's, a 1KW PSU and a 5950X. Yes, that's what I'd suggest to someone in the line of work you're in, since I'm an architect by education but the world has other plans in store and not everything in life is always ideal.
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