what is adaptive sync in my monitor?

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Jun 18, 2016
hey guys my monitor is not gsync or freesync but adaptive sync?

what is this? is this basically what nvidia has in the settings already with adaptive-sync or is this a vesa standard adaptive sync? Also another question when I play gta 5 or fallout 4 my fps is 72hz when all my settings are at 144hz and i dont have adaptive sync on in nvidia or anything? when i turn off v-sync then it goes to 100 fps but then no vsync so whats going on?

also my monitor has a low input mode and overdrive mode in osd in monitor
i know what overdrive is but what is this low input mode that is seperate?


Mar 23, 2013
Adaptive sync is a VESA DisplayPort standard, it's function is to synchronise monitor refresh rate with the fps provided by the video card in order to eliminate tearing/stutter/input lag. In my experience it also adds more fluidity, 40 fps with adaptive sync feels like 60 fps with vsync. Currently only AMD cards support adaptive sync under the name "Freesync", since nVidia disables this feature on their desktop cards in order to force their costumerts into buying g-sync monitors, which contain proprietary nVidia hardware and thus are more expensive. "Adaptive sync" IS NOT nvidia "adaptive vsync", adaptive vsync simply is just vsync that turns itself off when fps goes below the monitors refresh rate.
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