What Is an SSD? A Basic Definition

Xerpadon Xerilious

Apr 11, 2013
just want to point out that Drive is completely wrong.
it stems from DISK as in storage, like floppy disk, Hard disk, Solid state disk.
Disk is storage memory as in digital data on a device in any shape or form.
hence sony's popular "Disc" still same pronounce but differently written.

people only started using "Drive" because windows calls them internally as software Drives. which stems from "Drivers" the software code to run such hardware devices in software.
its been over 40 years and people still make such horrible mistakes.

Kenneth Dotsey

Jul 22, 2017
I have what techie people might consider old hat but am running 1 GB old fashioned clunky hard drive with windows 8.1 and it is more than fast enough for me I think you just have to run disk clean up regularly and update and defrag no need for an ssd at least not until this drive fails also need to mention you need to purchase an operating system for 100's of dollrs to put on your shiny new ssd disk


Sep 5, 2017
If you're upgrading from an HDD to an SSD, you don't need to re-buy Windows (Mac OS is free regardless), and if you're building a PC from scratch, you'll likely have to buy a copy of Windows anyway.

Now that SSD prices have significantly fallen (since their 2010-ish inception), putting at least your OS and apps on an SSD is a no-brainer.