Question What is being protected ...


Jan 29, 2014
So you turn create an Image Disc, turn on File Saver, and make a back up using Norton Security out of the box.

What do you really have copies of? I "assumed" the Image Disc had a complete copy of the OS and any changes made up to the time by installed software like in the registry, or is it simply the entire computer? I assumed Norton out of the box backed up all data, but data is in many places. So I again assumed doing both a Norton Back up nd an Image disc I would have everything needed to replace my system should a catastrophy occur ????

Sounds too easy, how far off is my simple thinking?
Much easier backup application Makes exact copy of whole disk or just partitions you choose and puts it in one file which is about 75% of all disk space selected for backup which you can store anywhere with enough space. Also makes a bootable CD or USB with ability to boot from and restore any backup you make. Also able to do disk cloning and repair of BOOT problems. Recognizes SSDs and makes necessary adjustments for it's best use.


You are not "off" at all.

Images, clones, and backups are just ways to protect against the loss of data. And data can be the OS, the configuration settings, along with documents, spreadsheets, photographs, etc..


You can easily google for more information and details.

I like to clone a drive especially when moving from a smaller drive to a larger drive. But I also use images for protection but that requires software to reload the image which is actually one big file versus a collection of folders, sub-folders, and files.

Where things most often go astray is that folks believe that there backups, etc. are working but never look or test to be sure. Yes, the backups ran but all were being corrupted - does not end well.

So having everything in place to recover is indeed important and there is no harm in having multiple methods of recovery.

Remember to check and test.