Jan 12, 2008
No I don't want to deal with all the heat that a 4870 produces plus I'm on a budget so a 4850 is a little bit over my budget but I can still try to get one.
Where are you?
What is the resoloution of your monitor?
What is your budget?
What are the rest of your specs-include the +12v output/s of the PSU, please!

I've just had a quick look on the 'Egg and dual HD4830s' are about $180 but I found this XFX 1Gb HD4870 for far less:

Double lifetime warranty and a cooler that pumps its heat out of the case!

FYI a single HD4850 should play most games well up to 16x10 at med/high but check which card you get, a lot have coolers that dump their heat into the case and can cause heating issues if the case is not ventilated well.
This looks good:

@ Ale555666: Ha ha! better cooler than the one I linked to! Good choice:)
Before you purchase, wait until Saturday to catch the 'Weekend specials' and then check prices, sometimes the 'Egg throws up some superb bargains.


Oct 24, 2008

The lowest price 4830 I can find costs 89.99

The lowest price 4850 I can find costs 99.99

Two 4830's cost 180.

One 4870 costs 127-135

The load temps between a 4850 and 4870 aren't that much different.

a good 4870 blows it's hot air out.

Most 4830's I'm seeing trap the hot air in your case.

What heat would you be dealing with exactly?