Question What is botlenecking my system???



If your memory is slower then 2800mhz and not in dual channel then that could be affecting performance.

If your CPU isn't overclocked (3.8ghz+) then that could be affecting performance.

The RX 460 is a pretty low end GPU so if your gaming at 1080P then you'll want to replace it for newer games.


May 16, 2017
your whole system is good its paired with a 60hz monitor ?.. thats what a mid range build is.. you can get little better GPU but that upgrade is just not value for money.
- you facing any issue ?


The bottleneck is the whole pc. But that's all in your head. It's a low-end Ryzen build that's only going to get mediocre output.

The R5 1400 gets similar performance to an i3 8100
You have a rx460.
This graphics card was designed and marketed towards the competitive MOBO gamers. A light weight, small form factor GPU solution that offers mobility, so that gamers travelling to events can bring a smaller cheaper gaming rig. The Radeon RX 460 2GB can play most modern games at medium graphics selection on a 1600x900p screen res and expect around 45+FPS
And no OC. You can research online how to OC a Ryzen, it's not difficult, plenty of documentation out there from forums to YouTube. Ryzens get performance boosts from using fast ram (2800 is on the slower side of fast) which helps them think faster since Infinity fabric is based on ram speeds.

It's a low-end, low-performance build, in layman's terms its a Dodge Mini-van, and yet you seem to expect it to be a race car. Sorry, not going to happen.
A Ryzen 5 1400 is low end, but it is powerful enough to be a good pairing with a GTX 1060 6gb or RX570/580 and run most games at 1080p 60fps.
Your current limiting factor in most games is the older low-end RX460, so a GPU upgrade will really help. What is your budget for an upgrade and what PSU do you have?

For a free performance increase, I would make sure XMP is enabled in bios to make sure the ram run is running at its rated speed. I would overclock your CPU, this will improve performance. The stock cooler should handle a mild overclock.

You can get a GPU upgrade to a 570 4gb for about $129.,391&sort=price&page=1 This will run almost any game at 1080p max 60fps. The best value for $ GPU currently in my opinion.

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