What is cas latency?


Nov 7, 2011
so, i just tried ot read a few articles and forum discussions about what cas latency is and what the best is. so far all i got out of it is:

"For instance CAS 3 is not as good as CAS 4 and CAS 5 is not as good as CAS 4 but CAS 3 is not as good as CAS 5."

...? so, if i want the fastest 16 gb ram, (4 x 4gb) sticks DDR3, from a reputable company, what cas latency should i shoot for? i was looking at the G.Skillz ripjaws series, with a CL of 11 thinking it was just about the best, now i dont have a clue what to think! would a corsair with a CL of 9 be better? or what? i just noticed that there wasnt a good description anywhere.
You don't need to worry much about your RAM speeds. The differences will be nearly negligible, and the extra money could better be spent on other parts of your computer.