what is comparable to the Sony Playstation Portable nowadays? 2007 versus 2022


May 3, 2019
Hello, Friends,

what is comparable to the Sony Playstation Portable nowadays?

i had a PSP in 2007, but now it is 2022. i mean i just really like Sony products, but i guess you can use an Xbox Controller with a Sony Xperia phone, right?

what other top-of-the-line devices are the in 2022, besides well known devices like the iPhone?

when do you think holographic displays will be sold in the USA for the general public?
Sony only released the vita after the psp so that would be it.

There are a lot of handhelds out there but they are based on the raspberry and other arm cpus and mainly used for emulation.

Switch and steamdeck are your only choices for a official handheld console.
If you're looking for a high-end, portable gaming system in a similar formfactor, then the Steam Deck and its competitors (which seem to pop up like jackrabbits so I stopped keeping track) are it. If it's just a high-end mobile device, Samsung's also in the running with their Galaxy S/Z lineup of phones. You could also throw in Google's Pixel phones, sort of.

As far as holographic displays go, what counts? There are displays that give the illusion of a hologram, but it's really more like a projector with a clear backing or something like a row of LEDs that spin really fast such that you don't see the spinning thing, you just see the light. If you're hoping for something you see in sci-fi media, we don't even have something in a lab yet.


Mar 31, 2014
The SteamDeck is pretty much a psp with all the added benefits of modern pc hardware and functionality, so if you're into handhelds, you can't really go wrong with that. And sure, there will probably be a lot of competitors, but I doubt they will have as much open source freedom and Steam integration as the SteamDeck has.


ASUS ROG phone is probably in the running. Intended for gaming and has a lot of gaming features, but is basically limited to Android based games unless you install emulators. Big battery, heatsink and fan are really what tend to give it an edge over other large phones.

But if I cared to own a handheld, it would probably be the Steamdeck or one of its clones.