Question What is Embedded Controller reset (EC) and will it erase any of my data or driver ?


Jun 23, 2019
have a msi ge62 2qf apache pro laptop.
So my problem is, I cant use the fn + f5 button to switch to eco mode. So, i search up on the msi forum and someone says resetting ec button can fix the problem.
My question is, what is Embedded Controller and does resetting it will revert my driver ? or will it erase my data ?

Since I installed the windows 10 os manually by myself (Because I had remove the hdd come from manufacturer and replace with a new one) , so i suspect this is the cause of my problem. Btw its not a big deal though. But really appreciate if someone can fix my problem.

Specs :
i7 5700hq
gtx 970m 3gb ddr5
16gb ram
1TB Hdd from Toshiba Canvio External Hard disk
Windows 10 home
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And other question is, Does installing windows os using thumbdrive is count as a Flash Bios ? im sorry i have no idea.
No, installing windows doesn't change BIOS version, no matter how it's installed.
As for first question, if your computer came with windows installed by it's manufacturer. Installing new windows didn't install programs that came from manufacturer and some of those programs also control power saving states. "Cracked" windows also disqualifies you for any help.