What is faster i5 3570k gpu or 8800gts 640mb?

just need something in place of my 6850's temporarily as i have sold them, and wonder if its worth putting in the 8800gts, or if intel's integrated solution has cought up to that performance level now. just to do some light gaming like TF2 while i wait for my new card.
The 8800 is a good deal faster than the Intel option and will run 'light' games like TF2 very well.
Do n't expect it to run Far Cry3 at 1080 on Ultra, that's all ;).


Nov 11, 2012
8800GTS is better than HD4000.
Which 8800GTS you have, I mean how much VRAM is there?

There are some 320MB, 640MB etc. models.
Perhaps they all are better than HD4000

EDIT: Ohh... you already have listed above that you have 640MB. Its way better than i5.

no, i already have the i5, i have just sold my 2 x 6850's and need something in there temporarily until i get a new card, and have the 8800 lying around doing nothing. just need a temporary solution. and im not expecting it to play farcry3.