Question What is going on with my computer? Loud noise, unsure what it is. Please help...

Apr 16, 2019
My chair recently broke and I hit my desk with my knee very hard. Afterwards my computer began making a noise, it was a bit deeper and louder than it came out on the video.
I’m not very good at differentiating what part of the computer it is, but because it happens from getting shook, and goes back to normal when I move the computer. It leads me to believe that something gets kind of caught on something else or something gets knocked out of place. Idk please help. It’s still under warranty so I would like to know how bad this is.


I would look at this as two options....

The first could sent it back under warranty.

The second is what I would suggest if it wasn't under warranty.
That is.....I would power down and carefully go through everything and reseat everything (cables and cards etc) and inspect everything. The reason I say this is that it seems something may be loose.

The only problem with the second option is you may void your warranty.