[SOLVED] What is going on with my Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SOC-Force? Or is it my Corsair AX1200i PSU?


Jan 17, 2015
Hello everyone, I am lost.

For a couple of weeks I have had this "clicking" noise coming from my case. At regular 10-12 seconds intervals. Of course, I thought this was one of the magnetic 4TB Seagate HDDs failing. SMART test and surface test as well were negative, though. I tried to disconnect them and the "click" noise was still there.

I then thought it was the fan on the MSI Geforce 970 graphic card, so I decided to disconnect it and use the built-in video card just to see if the noise was still there.
Unfortunately, no video output so I could not really check.

I decided to place the video card back in so that I could change the settings in my BIOS and choose the MoBo built-in video output, but the PC did not boot since.

PSU is a Corsair AX1200i. The self-test will succeed as long as the 10 pin half of the 24 pin (10+14) ATX cable that powers the MoBo is detached. No problem if only the 14-pin hald is attached, the self-test succeeds and the MoBo gets power (not enough to allow the Pc to boot, though).

I bought a new ATX 24 pin cable just to test if the problem was the old cable (it is a type 4 ATX 24 pin cable with in-line capacitors, one of which I thought was the cause of the "clicking" noise), but unfortunately even with the new ATX cable (type 3, no in-line capacitors).

What do you reckon?
Could it be the mainboard? Any troubleshooting guide I could follow?
Or do you think it is the PSU?

I have never used the 4-pin 12V CPU 5V power connector on the mainboard, only the 8-pin one. I guess that's alright, yeah? i7 4970k only needs 12V, correct?

One more thing: when I connect the 10 pin connector to the PSU (I know that the PSU switch should be OFF when I connect and disconnect cables from it) the power led on the MoBo lights on for a second, as I fully sit the connector into the female socket on the PSU. Weird...
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