Question What is happening and can it be fixed?

May 30, 2023
FYI I am fairly new to building PCs, but willing to do some work. I recently bought a refurbished Sapphire Pulse RX 6700xt off ebay. I was stress testing it to make sure it worked properly and then this started to happen.
Should I return it or can it be fixed.

Here are the PC specs. (This is not my PC, I am simply using it to test out my GPU)

Intel i7 3770k
16 gb of ram
Sapphire Pulse RX 6700xt
EVGA 650w 80+gold


Furmark is Not a stress test. It's a pure Torture test, far beyond the term 'stress'. Furmark is known to be a gpu killer, and has a disclaimer stating as much, use at your own risk.

So that said, it's entirely possible Furmark was pushing the temps in the memory too high, or using too much voltage, too much memory bandwidth etc and causing the visual issues.

It'd be like you bench pressing 200lbs normally, then as you push the weight up, the coach adds 100lbs and leaves you holding that weight up in the air. Couple minutes of holding that, your elbows and muscles have had enough and you find yourself with 300lbs sitting on your chest, unable to breathe.

That's Furmark to a gpu. Instead, try MSI Kombuster, it has multiple tests, or 3DMark Firestrike as those aim for a 100% gpu stress, not the 130%+ of Furmark.