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Question what is hardware computer ?

Jun 6, 2020
What is computer hardware? I want to learn about them and how to choose them for my computer. Thank you for your interest and your comments

Saga Lout

Olde English
Folks will be able to help you with buying parts for a PC if you tell us what you need to use a PC.

Parts for playing complex games will cost a lot more than just browsing the internet or typing letters.


Computer Hardware are the various components of a computer. In the generic sense they are:

Power Supply (PSU)
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
System Memory (RAM)
Storage (Hard Drives/Solid State Drives)
Graphic Cards (GPU)

The Case:
The case is the external shell of the computer. It's primary function is to protect the interior components, provide air flow direction for component cooling, and provide you with on/off capabilities.

The Power Supply:
This is what provides power to each component within your computer. This is the literal "Heart" of the computer. Just as a bad heart can lead to serious medical issues, a bad PSU can lead to serious computer issues.

The Motherboard:
Continuing with the human body analogy, the motherboard is like the Central Nervous System. It is what allows each component to communicate with every other component.

The Central Processing Unit (CPU):
This is the brain of the system. This is what performs every calculation and every instruction a program needs to execute.

System Memory (RAM):
This is like short term memory. Any data that needs to be recalled in short notice, but does not need to be saved in the long run, is stored in System Memory. I like to use a clock analogy: What time is it?

This is like long term memory. Any data that needs to be recalled anywhere from seconds to years later is stored to your Hard Drive/Solid State Drive. Again, using the clock analogy, What time was it when this happened?

Graphic Card (GPU):
This is like the eyes of your system. It determines what you see and how well you see it.

-Wolf sends