What is holding me back the most?


Dec 29, 2012
I have just now started my new gaming rig and originaly bought a Gateway DX4300 and was planning to use it as newbie gaming setup. Its original specs are,
AMD Phenom II x4 805
SATA 1tb
8gb memory
bad integrated vid card
and a low almost 300w powersupply (I believe)
and a AMD 780G

Since then I have upgraded to a new CMSTORM enforcer case, and got a 640 GT Video Card. Tommorow I am getting 2 top 120mm fans installed and a Corsair GS700w PSU. And in the future plan to upgrade the mobo and cpu (i5 2500k, and p8z68 mobo) but I was wondering if at the moment, what is holding my computer back the most? Is there something I should upgrade sooner? Or is there a problem with my setup? I am newer to all this hardware and was just checking! Thanks


Lets see you got a new GPU and a new PSU the only thing u can do now is wait till u get enough money to get a CPU (i5 3570k) and a Motherboard (ASRock Z77 Extreme4) I would wait till you got enough to purchase them instead