Question What is in your security toolkit?

Nov 18, 2020
What software do you use in your battle against the pesky viruses and intruders of the web? and why this software vs others?


Tool #1 = Common sense.

Tool #2 = Self discipline

Toot #3 = Lots of skepticism.

I do not visit websites that throw out constant pop-ups or start doing so.

Or use misleading tricks to get me to click something other than what I am looking for or trying to do.

And I ignore those all so "Enquirer" like links offering celebrity gossip, secrets, "You must see, read, etc. " wording. Or other such nonsense: "shocking", "doctors amazed", where the subject is basically fill in the blank and accompanied by the photograph of a scantily clad person.

I look at the URLs to see if they match what I expect. If not or if not shown - I do not go there.

I exit as quickly as possible from any site that tells me something is wrong with my computer.

I do not open emails from unknown sources and I have been known to even delete emails from older family members who just forward anything and everything.

Any downloads go to a folder and are scanned before opening.

I keep multiple backups of important data. Mostly family photographs some family data/research.

Financial data on my PC - yes. Summary in nature but no specific account data or links.

Doing well with Windows Defender/Security and Malwarebytes (free) from time to time.

Why: Defender is good and included. Malwarebytes is good and free.
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