Question What is it?


Sep 16, 2009
That thing is driving me nuts for the past 7 months.. So I've got a pretty packed ( and old system ) specs: I7 3770K, asrock z77 extreme6/tb4, 16gb kingston ram, gtx 970, arcea raid controller. Since then I had a bunch of random computer shut downs.. However they werent so frequent, I thought that the problem may be related to the drives first beacuse I've got 8 of them hooked up + additional 20tb on usb-s but that wasnt really the cases. It got worst month by month and the computer got stuck in a restart loop and rarely also some weird artifacts after the unexpected shutdowns/crash so I started a bit of diagnostic stuff on it. Things I tried

  1. Disconnect all of the usbs and drives / problem persisted
  2. Disconnectsome excess wiring from the mobo, power supply / problem persisted
  3. Removing the raid card / problem persisted
  4. Trying a different gpu / / problem persisted
  5. Replacing the cpu cooler (the temps werent even high on stock) / problem persisted
  6. Tried the gtx 970 on another system ( which work like a charm so the gpu wasnt bad)
  7. I tried using the system with the integrated intel hd, It looked like it worked until like a day of use after it got even worst and some persistent artifacts came which makes me think that the problem is either the mobo or cpu ( I guess the mobo more likely since that asrock series really sucked). Below a picture of the artifact.


What I didnt try
  1. Replacing the mobo
  2. Replacing the cpu
  3. Replacing the ram
I ordered a new mobo for 75dollars just in case..

I'm pretty sure that somebody will know to address if that is actually caused by some RAM issue or a mobo/cpu one, there is nothing else that could cause that.