What Is LED LCD Compared To LCD? New Or Refurbished? Best Monitor/HDTV Prices On Black Friday?

Dec 26, 2013
This post is not very detailed because all of my questions were deleted so here goes

I own a Flatron L227WTG. This was a used item from an office. Worked well up until now.It's capacitors are dying, so I've had to expose it to almost boiling hot heat to make it work. Im working on trying to get one within the remainder of the week. I'm looking for anything between 27 to 32 inches. These Black Friday deals are not too bad. What I'm looking for is to spend no more than $240. It's all very indecisive for me. Some are new with a 1-yr...and other's used have 2-yr warranties. I even found a 3D tv for about $200 with glasses (used of course).