What is max overclock voltage and Ghz on i-7?


Jan 26, 2009
Just started researching i-7 overclocking and wattage needs for it on my psu. I was wondering and I'll make it short and to the point.

What is the max OC setting for voltage and Ghz on a i-7 920 2.66 on a asus p6t or p6t deluxe Mobo? Or should I say a good setting for voltage and Ghz. Need max stable or recommended. Pls help.

If p6t or deluxe model are not good OC mobos then pls add that as well.


Feb 11, 2009
From the research that I have done, the P6T X58 or P6T Deluxe are quite good for OC. As long as you have ample cooling you should be fine. Like the theAnimal said, you will need to tinker a bit to find the "sweet spot" for you CPU. Intel reccommends a maximum of 1.65V for that processor, but from what i have heard from other tech-type sites they say don't exceed 1.25V. I have seen several i7 920s at 4Ghz to 4.2GHz. Its a matter of finding where your mobo posts then boots your OS without crashing and having your computer not sweating.