[SOLVED] What is my actual CPU temp

Which one of those is my CPU temp
In HWMonitor...under Athlon X4 750K, the Temperatures - Package and Cores, respectively for each.

EDIT additional:
The cores swing much more wildly because:
  1. there are probably (at least) 4 sensors, one for each core, and it reports the highest at the moment.
  2. each core is really quite small and very quickly heats up when it's asked to process something. But being so small, even though it gets hot it's not necessarily a lot of thermal energy if the processing work load was quick to retire. Also, the work generally gets moved to another core pretty quickly to balance the thermal load across the cores.
When all cores are working heavily temp rise start to be significant, and thermal output too, so you'll see package temperature rising. The package is the whole package (CPU die, including uncore and I/O), it's slower to rise / fall since it's mass includes a lot more than just one core, and is possibly even inclusive of the heat spreader. Which of course has the heatsink sitting on it. In Ryzen CPU's they've stopped even reporting a 'package' temperature, only core. And most AM4 motherboards also stopped including an external sensor for CPU package since it's not really important anymore. It does lead to a lot of confusion though.
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