[SOLVED] What is my case fans amperage? (Can I use multiple on one header)

Jun 19, 2018
hi my guys,

anyone know the maximum amps for the NZXT case edition Aer F120s? (model number: RF-AF12C-XZ ; ones found stock in the h710 cases and others) - the stickers reads 12VDC 0.16 A but I doubt that's the max amperage, probably like the average as that seems very low compared to my old case fans.

just wanna know as 3 of them came daisy chained together with the case (they might have been connected to Molex or some adaptor, I've forgotten) and I wanna know if its safe to continue running all 3 through my systems singular chassis fan header which I believe is at 1 Amp (they have been running for a little bit of time now). I've checked online but NZXT just doesn't have any information posted about these, only the aftermarket fancy-colour versions with better speeds (and those are at about 0.25-0.3 Amp).

hopefully someone has unlocked the sacred amp knowledge to help me figure this one out,
thanks in advance,


kerberos_20 above is right. Most current fans draw 0.10 to 0.25 A max. They MAY draw a bit more for a split second at start-up, but that is already taken into account when the mobo specs say the max a header can supply is 1.0 A.

For LIGHTED fans, the most common designs now have specific arrangements of LED's in the frames, and these are powered and controlled separately from the fan motors, so the units have TWO cables to them - one for the motor, another for the lights - each to plug into separate mobo ports. Such fans really are two devices in one unit. Their specs really SHOULD give you current max's for each device separately, but often they give only motor specs. In these fan types, again the MOTOR only uses 0.10 to 0.25 A max.

An older lighted fan design is called LED Fans. In those, there normally are only one colour of LED in the fan frame, and you have no control over those lights at all. The LED's are merely connected in parallel with the fan motor to its power supply lines, so there is only ONE cable from this unit to a mobo fan header. Because those added lights add to the power consumption, such LED Fans typically consume 0.25 to 0.60 A max per fan. So using that type means more attention needs to be paid when connecting more than one to a header.