Question What is my CPU doing? Is GPU ok too? I hypochondriac?


Sep 22, 2017
Good evening,
I have an I7 4790k on a Z97-A motherboard. About a week ago I decided to download CPUID HWMonitor to just keep an eye on my CPU temps. (I also have a Geforce GTX 1080ti as GPU.) I have 4 monitors but am only currently running 1 that is 1440p/144refresh rate.

It Idles about 32 celcius/89farenheit give or take a few degrees.

My GPU idles at 48C / gets up to 59/138f

I currently have a Corsair h100i Elite Capellix cooler, which I installed recently. The unit comes with thermal paste already applied to the contact on the bottom of the pump. So I did not apply my own. (That may or may not be relevant).

When I open Google Chrome Browser > I notice the CPU temperature for (Package...which I assume is the average of all the 4 cores) will jump from anywhere 111f to 120f, its only for a half a second or so. But, that just seems like quite a jump to me.

I keep my steam client open on my desktop a lot, when I drag the steam client window around the screen, my temperature on CPU will jump up to 106f-108f

If I move my cursor in a circle around my screen, slowly, the temperature can get up to 107f....( thats shooting up from 89f @ idle...)

I thought Id list the symptoms, or, what I call symptoms, that are obvious to me. Then again, I love my PC> I LOVE, I'm wondering if maybe I'm being like a …...hypochondriac, that has just discovered WebMD.....(the analogy being: I downloaded CPUID HWMonitor….had never really payed attention to my CPU Temps......and now that I have seen I freaking out needlessly?)

Is 32c/89f a good idle temp?
Should it jump like that when I open chrome? Switch tabs in chrome?
What about moving my mouse?
So I booted Elder Scrolls from steam and played for about 10 minutes and the temp didn't exceed 125f/52c.

Are these temps normal? At what temps should I be concerned?

Maybe I should 'stress test' my computer and go from there? I just want to have peace of mind (in my mind) that I can game on without any worries....and also have my other monitors running as well when I do work. Ever since I downloaded CPUID HWMonitor, and can now view my temps, I am obsessing and concerned as to their behavior and could use some re-assurance or advice.

Thanks in advance to the awesome community here @ tom's hardware.



This may be related:
Task manager;
When I move my mouse around on my screen, (only on my desktop) the power usage for "windows explorer" goes from 'very low' to 'very high' …..and my CPU usage goes from 0% to 15%......can my mouse...just my mouse, really be using 15% of my CPU? that just sounds crazy to me......

a friend of mine said it could be a possible bottleneck? does that apply here?

Thanks again!
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Sep 22, 2017
That's great news. Thanks for the quick reply.

So, moving my mouse around on the desktop....I should expect about a 15% increase in the CPU just from moving the mouse? Im beginning to research it online, just haven't made it very far yet ;)

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