Question What is needed for Corsair iCue?

Dec 10, 2020
I am building a new PC and ended up with several Corsair iCue RGB lighting parts but I've never done RGB lighting before so am not sure what I need to get it going properly.

My parts:
  • Corsair 4000X Case
  • Corsair H115i CPU Cooler
  • Corsair LL120 RBG fans
Like a noob, I just figured you'd download some free Corsair iCue software and be able to have full control of your fan's lighting but it seems like that might not be the case. I am not certain however, because I haven't built my PC yet due to still trying to get a hold of the new AMD CPUs that are sold out everywhere. It seems like I may need either one of these components or even both to be able to manage my lighting?

- iCUE Commander PRO Smart RGB Lighting and Fan Speed Controller


- iCUE Lighting Node PRO RGB Lighting Controller

Any help is greatly appreciated.