[SOLVED] what is NVIDIA High Definition Audio for 1050ti?

Tac 25

Jul 25, 2021
Hi, first of all.. my old DVI cable was showing signs of breaking down, it's screws were loose and it was just hanging on to the monitor (not complaining, was given to me in good faith for free by a kind salesgirl when I had no cable to use, used it for months). Today, changed the connection to a new Ugreen HDMI cable. Display is fine, but for some reason the pc lost sound... --- however have fixed the problem already. Found out that the output got changed to NVIDIA High Definition Audio when I switched to hdmi. The sound came back when changed the output to Realtek, which are the pc speakers.

question: what is this NVIDIA High Definition Audio? First time to notice it. Can I make use of it? The sound disappear when try to use it as the output device. Well, my speakers already have decent sound. But got curious that maybe this NVIDIA audio can produce even better sound if I can make it function.

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It gives audio over HDMI directly from the GPU, I have my nvidia connected to a TV and if I use it it plays the audio from the TV speakers instead from the PC speakers.