Question What is power throttling?

I've recently built a computer and my GPU (Ryzen 5 5600g integrated graphics) has started to power throttle.
I have a discrete not sure how it works with overclocking an iGPU.

In my case, in the Radeon Settings app there's a setting to increase the power budget allowance (up to 50% more), effectively letting it hit higher power levels. You might look for that in the Radeon Settings app that installs with the AMD drivers. The power throttling is there mainly to prevent damage to the VRM on the motherboard for APU's. It's probably set low to accomodate low-end motherboards so if you have a good board you might want to do try increasing it if you have the setting. Monitor the VSOC VRM temperature to see if it's staying safely cool (generally, 100C-105C but it could also be higher).

Of course, increasing power budget is a double edge sword because it means the GPU will be able to work harder so it also gets hotter, quicker. That will limit how far you can go before it starts thermally throttling. With discrete GPU's it's also a good idea to also undervolt, which helps lower temperature, as much as can be to allow increasing power budget while remaining stable. It's a bit of a balancing act while keeping temperature in a safe range and maintaining stability.
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