Question What is the best 650 Watt PSU in different section?

Mar 24, 2020
Firstly let me give you my hardware setup.

  1. Processor: Intel i5-6500
  2. Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H110M-DS2
  3. RAM: Corsair 2400 MHz, 8GB
  4. Graphics Card: Zotac GTX 960, 4GB Normal Version
  5. 2 CPU Fans (Cooler Master) Normal
  6. HDD: WD 1 TB Green
Now, I had a corsair 650 watt PSU vs650 installed which is faulty and I want to change it. My system is shutting down randomly while playing games (which I am playing in the same machine for a while). I have checked several possible causes. Tested RAM, GPU, Processor, Cooling but none of them helped. Maybe the PSU is shutting off or unable to supply the peak power to the GPU at certain game scenarios?

I found the following,
  1. Thermaltake TR2 S 650W
  2. Deepcool DN650
  3. Cooler Master MWE 650 White V2
  4. Antec VP650P Plus
  5. Corsair VS650 (Same)
I have two sets of questions.

  1. Can anyone help me choose the best option? All of them have a more or less similar price tag. Corsair and CoolerMaster have 5 years warranty while the rest have 3 only.
  2. Is there any other better option available? Or should I go for any 550-watt option with my hardware?
If you are forced to choose from the options you listed above... the Antec VP650P would be the only one I'd trust, it uses a Delta platform so it should be fine.

With that said I'd rather go with a better quality 550W unit... for your system specs you can get away even with a 450W great quality PSU, easiliy.

My choice would be to get a Corsair CX550(2017, grey label) and call it a day... it's a lot better than all of those you listed.
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