Question What is the best/cheapest 1155 lga cpu 2019


Jan 17, 2018
You could upgrade to an i7 2700k but it would be a minor performance improvement and the 2700k still sells for a high-ish amount used (~$90-100). You would be much better off just buying/building a new computer. What do you mainly use your computer for? Office applications or gaming? Your budget?
What is the make/model of your motherboard?
What are your other parts?
Why did the I5-2500k "burn out"?
Intel processors are very hard to damage, perhaps something else is wrong.
What do you use this pc for?
What is your budget?

Were you satisfied with the performance of the 2500K, or are you looking for something stronger?

To get an idea of what you might actually be able to buy a particular processor for, find it in used condition.
Filter on completed auctions and you will see the actual selling prices in green.

My inclination would be that it is time to upgrade to current gen if you are inclined to buy new and your budget permits.

If you simply to carry on as you have then look at the supported processors for your current motherboard and buy one of those.
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