Question What is the best curved 34 to 36" (or 38" at a push) monitor and small footprint mount ?

May 8, 2021
New standing desk setup Excel work mostly Thank you.

What is the best curved 34" to 36" (or 38" at a push) monitor and small footprint mount considering:
  1. Working from home with multiple open MS Office documents, Excel and a bit of macro work. I work with numbers, so NO content creation, or video work.
  2. Prefer 4k but can live without it.
  3. Preferences slim bezels, end to end display, slim footprint (if this is possible for a monitor at this size range)
  4. Mount - which doesnt push monitor too far forward on desk
Strangely, (pardon my ignorance) ZERO 36" monitors listed here:,889000000&sort=-size&page=1

The highest i can go for my desk at home is 38" so a recommendation here is also appreciated.

I had my eye on this 40" beauty, but its not available in Singapore and most probably wouldnt be practical as too big to be looking at up close all day.

Is there a site that lists every past and current monitor for sale apart from Amazon? I want to specify 36" in the search.
I have used pcpicker and found displayninja not complete.

Thank you most kindly

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