Question What Is The Best LGA 2011 CPU for Base LGA 2011, not v3 or v2 ?

May 29, 2022

What would be the best LGA 2011 CPU for an RTX 3060 Ti so it would not be bottlenecked ? I will be playing at 1080p and 1440p.
Instead of a partially vague '2011 mainboard' description, better to post the actual manufacturer with model number and revision, and you or others can find the actual list of supported CPUs...

It is likely questionable to think even an i7 or Xeon equivalent (i7-3970X or 4960X had 6 cores/12 threads) from an X79/2011 mainboard 9-10+ years ago is not going to leave some of a 3060 Ti's performance on the table.

(Unsure what the cost of some of these formerly $1000+ CPUs is today, but, naturally one would not want to spend much more than $50-70 on one what with the B660/i512400F combos available that are more than 2x as fast)
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A dead horse cannot run as fast as a live puppy. Neither can 2x dead horses. Spending the kind of cash it would require to get an x79 platform cpu to even close what a B660/12400 combo can do is pointless. Pretty much requires a 4960X, a ton of OC and a full liquid loop capable of 400w+ worth of cooling. $3000 vs $300


Do you already have a lga2011 motherboard?
What is your budget and what do you need to buy.

The workstation processors are good for multithreaded batch apps.
But the single thread performance is not what you would want for good gaming.


Do you only have the motherboard?
Do you also have ram, case, psu, and the rest?

The CPU-Z does not seem to identify the motherboard exactly.
Since the only manufacturer ID is Intel,
I suspect you may have an old dell or hp workstation which can be bought cheaply these days. Such vendors would have bought the motherboards in bulk directly from Intel, hence the lack of an ID.
The Xeon ES-2667 v2 can be bought on ebay for about $40.
It could work. But, games depend on good single thread performance, and the single thread passmark rating of that chip is 2017.
By comparison, a new $60 G7400 processor single thread rating is 3085.
Even with only threads, the G7400 is possibly a better gamer.
I would really suggest stronger though to match up with a very nice graphics card.