Question What is the best method to connect a far away (≈20 meters) Canon camera?

Aug 31, 2021
I want to use a Canon EOS Sl3 for live-streaming, but the computer is pretty far away (like 20 meters). The camera has an HDMI OUT and a USB OUT.
To use the HDMI OUT I would need the 20 meters cable and a video capture card (and it's a bit expensive for me).
To use the USB option I would need a really long cable, and after looking a bit comments about these seems like they aren't that reliable.

I was thinking about a transmitter from the usb from the camera to a receiver in the PC, or using a ethernet cable with adapters in the camera and PC so it can work as a USB.
I don't know if that would work, or it would have latency or losses.

Is there another method? Considering budget, what would be the best one?