Question What is the best / most advanced router that I can replace my current verizon router with?


Mar 17, 2016
Hello all,

This is a picture of my current Verizon router:

I currently have a 400/400Mbps Download/Upload Plan.

The problem is that the router's range is limited and wont reach my backyard or my basement because its placed on the third floor.

What I need you guys to do is to help me choose a external brand router that is compatible with my VERIZON network and I will replace the default VERIZON router with the external brand router.

Please. I can spend any amount of money as long as the new router can be installed on the third floor of my house and the signal is still very strong when I connect with Wi-Fi from my basement and also from outside my backyard.

Also, I plan on getting a Z490 motherboard and it will have Wifi-6 (if that changes anything at all)

So far, google is telling me that this is the best replacement router for my verizon network:

What I am looking for = Very Long Range + Very High Speed + Verizon compatible
How is the verizon router attached to the network. Does it have a coax cable or ethernet for the wan port.

If it is coax it has a modem in it. If this is FIOS you will need veirzon to reconfigure the ONT to allow you to use ethernet. Note if you have tv or phone services bundled it will make this more complex.

In general there is no magic router that does what you want. Verizons router may not have the fancy features as some other routers but it likely transmits at the maximum legal power. This means the signal will go more or less the same distance as other routers. In most cases it is not the router that it is the cause it is the end devices have small antenna and/or low power transmitters. So the signal can not get back to the router.

You are better off looking to use mulitple units to get better coverage. Best if you could use ethernet and then connect a ap or router running as a AP in the remote location to provide wifi. If you do not have ethernet you could consider powerline or maybe moca if you have tv coax. Note some verizon modem/routers have moca function built in so it would save you buying 1 box.


WIFI radio power is limited by govt regulation. To improve WIFI, you add multiple geographically distributed WIFI sources with ethernet connectivity back to your primary router.
You can't "blast" a strong signal from a single point because the low power devices can't transmit back. Being able to see a signal is only half the problem. You have to transmit back.


Jan 31, 2015
Not looking for mesh routers, just looking for a single router with the longest range for the whole house.
I bought a Nighthawk X4S/AC2600 and plugged it directly into my old FIOS router.
I don't pay for super fast internet so this works well for me.
The Nighthawk reaches all rooms of my house and was very easy to set up (download the app onto my phone, up and running in minutes)