What is the best power supply for my config ?



Hi all !

Before everything, here is my configuration :

Asus Technologies Motherboard : Asus P8P67 WS Revolution

Intel Core i7 Central Processing Unit 2700K / 4.00 GHz Overclocked

Noctua Technologies CPU Cooler : NH-D14 / 2 x Noctua NF-P14 Fans /

Kingston Technologies RAM: Genesis Edition / KHX1600C9D3K2/8GX / PC3-12800 / 16384 MB

Pioneer Optical Drive : 212D

Seagate Hard-Disk Drive: Barracuda Series / 250 GB / 7200.10 / RAID 0 Configuration With P67 On-Board RAID Controller

Western Digital Hard-Disk Drive: Caviar Blue Series / 500 GB / RAID 1 Configuration With P67 On-Board RAID Controller

Crucial Technologies SSD : M4 C400 / 2.5" / 128 GB Crucial MLC Memory

Asus Technologies Sound Card : Xonar Essence STX

PowerColor Technologies GPU: Radeon HD 4850 / RV770PRO / 512MB / PCI-Express x16 2.0
Zalman Technologies VGA Cooler : VF1000 VGA Fansink

Corsair Power Supply (Manufactured by Seasonic): HX 520W / 120MM Fan / Three 12V Rails

Fractal Design Case : Define XL / Titanium Grey Edition

Microsoft Operating System: Windows 7 / Professional Edition / Service Pack 1 / 64-bit

Dell Technologies Display : U2311H / Portrait Orientation / Primary Display

Samsung Technologies Display: T220 / Secondary Display

Main PC usage : GPGPU Compute, programming, virtual machines, multimedia ... virtually everything ! :)

I'm planning to upgrade my GPU to one of those nVIDIA 680 GTX when proprietry PCBs and coolers will hit the market (MSI Twin Frozr, Asus DirectCU or eVGA Signature 2)

But since these monster consumes more power than my old HD4850 (which peaks to arround 150w), I'm a bit affraid by my PSU power ...

With all HDDs present in my PC, motherboard, sound card, and everything else, I think a 520w PSU with a 480w 12v rail won't be enought ... :/

What are your thought?

And if I must change my PSU, I would go directly to a high wattage PSU, such like a 850w to 1000w to be prepared for a possible future SLI when prices will drop or if I have an occasion to buy a used board. I want a high wattage to be in the efficienc sweet spot.

Which PSU is currently the best ? Sure, I know a lot about PSUs, I'm an electronics technician. But within all brands available, making the best choice is sometimes hard ...

I've spotted the Seasonic X-Series, Corsair AX (which is virtually the same), Silverstone, FSP, Enermax ... I've read a lot of reviews but still can't find the very best since each seems to have pros and cons.

Do you think the Seasonic Plantium 860 worths it's price ? I would aknowledge that 80+ Platinum efficiency attracts me.

PLease note that I usually order from NCIX Canada.

Thank you very much for your advice !


I, personally, am a HUGE fan of Seasonic PSUs. With PSUs, in particular, you get what you pay for. For a nice rig like you have, your PSU should be of the same standard. Get the Seasonic and never look back!

Good luck!


Yeah Seasonic PSUs seems to be really good. The Platinum 860 seems to be one of the best PSU avalaible on the market, but the price is a lot less beautiful than the PSU .... lol

What do you think about the X-Series 850 which can be found at 50 $ less... The Platinum worths the 50 $ more ? :/


Ok !

I read yesterday the reviews from HardwareSecrets comparing the Enermax Platimax and the Seasonic X-850 and I must have to say that the components from the Seasonic are a little little bit better than the Enermax. Also, on the oscilloscope, we clearly see that the current filtering of the Seasonic is better.

Seems like I'd go with Seasonic ! Because I think my HX520w will be short ... :/

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