What is the best Video card for Benicia -GL8E


Feb 24, 2011
I have this Motherboard
HP/Compaq name: Benicia-GL8E
Intel G33
Front-side bus speed
800/1066/1333 MHz

Intel Core 2 Quad (K) up to Q6600


OcZ 700W Power supply

Xigmatek utgard case

Just wondering any one can suggest the best graphic card for my motherboard can handle that will fit on the case as well. my budget £200 , I was thinking to get the ASUS 1GB GeForce GTX 560Ti Direct CUII.would this be compatible with it?

Pls..any one..

Many thanxxxxx..
No and it's really hard to measure from the picture if it's really to long or not. But i do think the Asus will be to long. I have meself a cheap, small mobo and i had a gtx465, a 6870 and a 560ti. The 465 was one fan and about the same casing as the evga 560, this one had room to spare, the 6870 BE 2 fan is the longest i have got, it's not as long as the asus though and that one did touch my satas and if the card was just half a centimeter longer there would have been a real problem. The 560ti soc, also 2 fan fits nice. looking at the Asus being even longer than the 6870 and than looking at your mobo, measuring the pcie slot and double that and you're above the black and white sata slots and that just won't fit imo.
Anyway my 6870 is 24 cm long, the 465 23cm and i guess ( i'm using that one now ) the 560 is 23,5. By the looks of it the evga is the same as my old 465.
Nvidea has a link btw where you can excactly measure if it will fit, see if i can find it.